Letter To The Editor: Christine Chandler Has Killer Skill Set; Unmatched Experience We Need In Dist. 43

Los Alamos

I live with Christine Chandler, who’s running for District 43 State Rep. I see how she does stuff, and you should want her to do stuff for you.

When she learned there were some irregularities in the travel reimbursements of the Regional Coalition, of which she was an officer and a representative of the county, she identified the source of the problems in the travel policies, brought them to public attention, helped to fabricate a solution, and had the solution in place while some others were still looking for ways to use the situation for personal political gain.

When a public uproar arose over the county’s implementation of the nuisance code, Christine met with many of the persons offended, investigated the problems they had encountered, and supported the creation of a citizens’ committee to develop a solution to a long-festering community problem. 

Problems at the Animal Shelter? There is Christine in the middle of it, driving toward a solution. Sheriff’s Department wasting county resources and putting the county at risk? There was Christine, leading the charge to eliminate redundancy and waste. Utilities Department proposing a nuclear reactor? There was Christine again, analyzing the situation and revealing the flaws in the county’s analysis.

Christine Chandler is a down-to-earth problem-solver with solid progressive values, a killer skill set, and unmatched experience. She will listen to you, learn from you, educate you, and work for you.


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