Letter To The Editor: Christine Chandler Has Brains And Integrity … She’ll Decide Matters Based On Fact And Law

Los Alamos

The fact that Sheriff Lucero endorses Pete Sheehey for state representative is because as a county councilor, Pete Sheehey supported increasing the budget to cover the sheriff’s duties to approximately $200,000 per year and expand the office beyond what is allowed per the Charter, our county’s governing document.

Sheriff Lucero has been involved in several expensive and time-consuming lawsuits against the county, and I truly believe that many residents are tired of the waste that has been caused by this.

I personally think Pete Sheehey has enabled the almost constant onslaught of misconceptions about the Charter and the Home Rule that governs our community. I read many comments on Facebook from people who have opinions about whether our county should have a sheriff and often wonder how many of those commenters have read and studied the Charter in the detail that I and other former members of the Charter Review Committee have.

I fully support Christine Chandler to represent us in the state legislature and truly believe she will decide matters based on fact and the law, not on personalities. I have known her for many years and believe she has the brains and the integrity to serve us well.


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