Letter To The Editor: Christine Chandler Cares

Los Alamos

You may have just read my name and thought, “Hm, who’s that?” The answer is, no one in particular, and that’s why I’m writing.

I was no one to the County Councilors when I emailed them about the sheriff issue, about the immigration proclamation, and about the flow trail. Christine Chandler warmly reached out to meet for coffee and discuss the myriad angles of each issue, despite me being no one of importance.

Christine has consistently offered her deep knowledge on a number of topics that relate to the County when my progressive activism group, Voices of Los Alamos, has asked for more information. Christine knows the long histories of the local scene and she lived through many of the issues as a judge and as a councilor. We’re lucky to have someone running for the District 43 House seat to represent us who has so much experience in this area and in the legislature in Santa Fe.

And she’s savvy. No, she’s not a doctor, but she is a lawyer. In the current political climate, the person we need in the Roundhouse is one experienced in law and its unique complications as it applies to the state legislature.

Christine is a decisive force and also calm under fire as her many colleagues will attest from her long career as a Lab attorney. She understands what the Lab means to the state and she’s experienced a contract transition in the past, and she’ll fight for the County to continue to benefit from that relationship once she’s in the Roundhouse.

When I think about the issues that the House Rep will face that apply to our community, the choice to vote for Christine as my representative is clear. I hope you’ll join me.