Letter to the Editor: Charter Amendments Deserve Community’s Support

By Betsy Lucido
Los Alamos

I support the amendments to the County’s Charter. The current initiative and referendum provisions are disjointed and confusing.

The lack of clarity has led to a number of illegal and/or illogical petition efforts that have frustrated everyone.

The Charter Review Committee consisting of John Hopkins, Larry Warner, Harry Ettinger, Morrie Pongratz, Ralph Phelps, Chris Chandler, David Izraelevitz, Richard Dunn and Kyle Wheeler brought a diversity of views and knowledge to the effort.

They proposed these amendments after working diligently to craft clear and balanced initiative and referendum processes.

These revisions improve the process for petitioners, particularly those whose issue engenders wide popular support.

It is also noteworthy that the council supports these amendments. And that four of the council candidates (Clay, Henderson, Girrens, Redondo) are in favor of the proposed Charter Amendments.

The Charter Amendments (Ballot Question 1-4) deserve the support of the community.

I encourage you to vote FOR Ballot Questions 1,2, 3,4.



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