Letter To The Editor: Chandler For County Council

By County Council Vice Chair Susan O’Leary and Tim O’Leary
Los Alamos

We’re writing to ask you to join us in using one of your votes to support Attorney Chris Chandler for County Council on Nov. 8.

Los Alamos is fortunate to have several good candidates to choose from in this election. But, there are a number of reasons why Chris should rise to the top of your list.

First, Chris has a proven record of dedication the Council needs. She’s a former Council member and Council Chair, and over the decades when she’s been off the Council, she’s contributed through participation in County Committees and Boards. One thing you can be sure of with Chris, she’ll show up for meetings having studied the issues and prepared to contribute. That’s enormously valuable when you have a part-time Council engaging with a large, full-time staff; particularly if you expect the Council to perform adequate oversight of the County operation.

Second, Chris will bring real talent and skills to the group. Her experience as an Attorney in private practice and for the Lab, her experience as a Judge, and her past experience with Municipal Law will all help fill important voids on the prospective council.

Finally – and we know there are some people out there who won’t want to hear this – we think diversity matters. By that, we mean that a Council that looks more like the community it represents will be poised to do a better job weighing the issues that come before it. That applies to education, ethnicity, vocation, age and – yes – to gender. It’s disappointing to us that in the most educated community in America, only one of six candidates for the Council is a woman, and in other respects the candidates are so homogeneous. It’s certainly not the fault of the other good candidates who have put themselves forward, but by voting for Chris you can help balance the Council.

Please join us in voting for Chris Chandler; to benefit from her dedication, to benefit from her professional experience, and to help balance the Council’s perspective.


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