Letter to the Editor: Central Avenue Improvement?

Los Alamos

I wasn’t in town to attend the Block Party opening the “new and improved” Central Avenue, but I did take a walk down the street yesterday.

I have read that the majority of improvements were in underground utilities (or something like that) and the line-of-sight for pedestrians crossing the street. However, it baffles me that these so-called improvements couldn’t be done while still keeping the charm of the street intact. Just a personal note: I never had a problem crossing the street as long as I waited for cars to stop at crosswalks!  

The metal fences around the trees look like mini jail cells. Wasn’t there a more attractive alternative? Someone even mentioned that those fences were just asking for someone to walk by, engrossed by some VERY IMPORTANT text message, only to do a face plant over the bars.

The immature trees that replaced the pretty ones we loved for their shade will grow in the next five years or so. Will we then remove those to replace them with another set of immature trees?

What happened to the charming lampposts, flags and hanging plants? Will they be replaced by standard, sterile lighting? There won’t be any place to hang the lovely summer flower pots with simple light poles. Or will we just be without any lighting, thus discouraging evening walks?

Who in the world approved the aesthetic plans for the changes? Or were appearances just unimportant to the planners? While I understand the need for underground utility improvements, I can’t help but wonder why Los Alamos continues to fix what wasn’t broken.

Our unique, lovely, small town street is now just “meh”. Not truly ugly, but certainly bland and uninviting for a stroll.