Letter To The Editor: CB Fox Exemplifies What Makes A Community Vibrant And Desirable

Los Alamos


I am saddened that CB Fox is closing after 40 years.

The owners, David, Anne and Andy have served the needs of our community in a way large businesses can’t.

They are a part of Los Alamos and care not just for the profit they can extract from sales, but how they can improve our lives. They have contributed thousands of dollars to good causes, not just for publicity, but because they are good citizens.

I have dealt with many retailers and the Foxes are among the best at evolving their business to reflect the changing and fickle desires of their customers.

Their business exemplifies what makes a community vibrant and desirable. We all should work harder to make our town a place that embraces the kind of company CB Fox has been, and morn the loss of another local friend and community leader.