Letter To The Editor: About Cannabis Microbusinesses

Los Alamos

I think the arguments against permitting a cannabis microbusiness in Los Alamos come from the old suspects: power and money.

It is of course the civic duty of those in power to be in control and prevent the town from being destroyed by pot-heads. And it is the larger, deeper-pocketed businesses that will do what they can to prevent competition from the little guys. Duh!

For those in power: Of course regulations must be set, but don’t make them so that they put the small business at a disadvantage. In fact, larger businesses should have tighter constraints, especially in the area of environmental friendliness. And I think that, properly set up, there will be zero change to the number of spaced-out folks already roaming our streets.

For those out to make the big buck: Don’t be greedy. Don’t cut corners. Make friends with environmentalists and with nature. Don’t steal others’ water! That’s what the regulations should address.  And, y’know, those microbusinesses might just be of use to you!

Nuthin’ new here, folks. Just my vote for all of us (including the Earth) gettin’ along.