Letter to the Editor: Bus Driver Saves the Day for Dancers

Los Alamos

A group of our dancers have been taking the Atomic City Transit down to White Rock a few times a week. On Wednesdays, they meet the bus across the street from Los Alamos High School and know to tell the driver that they need to connect with another bus at the Transit Center. 

Yesterday the bus was a few minutes late and I was concerned they would miss their transfer connection. 

I stepped onto the bus to ask if it was still possible to get them to White Rock on time. The bus driver was already on the radio to his supervisor and beckoned me to wait a moment. 

When he got off his radio he asked, “Is this our group of DALA dancers?” When I confirmed that is was, he said “Don’t worry, I am going to take this bus straight down to White Rock. These girls will not be late to their class.”

I unfortunately did not get the driver’s name, but would like him to know that his actions were truly appreciated. Atomic City Transit is lucky to have him, and Los Alamos County is lucky to have such a wonderful (and free!) transportation system for its community.