Letter To The Editor: Budget Time, Los Alamos … Let’s Not Go Down A Rabbit Hole

Los Alamos

Budget time, Los Alamos! Once more down the rabbit hole. 

Our Sheriff is the wabbit, leading us on. Even though the voters last fall simply chose to keep the office as it was then (register sex offenders, wear the Hat), he now approaches the council announcing that the result was a mandate to expand the office so he can provide unspecified “services” to the tune of $348,118 (link).

Now we see the end game: TOYS! A $65,000 ¾ ton truck with a gooseneck hitch for transporting HORSES – to scenes! A $46,000 passenger vehicle for carrying the FLASHING LIGHTS and SIRENS. And $159,565 annually for four PLAYMATES!

I hope “scenes” means paintball, because the posse that has been shadowing the Sheriff – well, I sure hope it’s paintball. Or maybe he’s hoping to get a part on the next season of Longmire.

I did notice $58,911 for somebody to do the dull sex offender stuff. No paintball for her (or him, but I doubt it). But maybe she/he can coordinate the boys in the playground with $10,000 in communications equipment.

Now we have a councilor insisting we must “find a role” for the sheriff, ignoring another painfully obvious fact: the voters voted – not to eliminate the sheriff office. There was nothing in that question about expanding it. The fact is, every role that the sheriff could fill is already fully and competently occupied, by professional cops, in full compliance with state law. There’s no role left for the council to find, except sex offenders and the Hat, and no need to squander $300,000 on toyz for the boyz.

Oh yes – we have the Sheriff’s lawyer threatening a WRIT – wow, a WRIT! – if the council does not abandon its duty to minimize waste and duplication in government. They got thrown out of court last fall and so would a writ. The law is clear.

Let’s don’t go down no wabbit holes.