Letter To The Editor: Bridging Political Divide

Independent Candidate
Los Alamos County Council

There is so much division and anger on both sides of the political spectrum being displayed in our community right now.

I feel we are likely at a time period where political division and animosity has never been higher. This may just be the effect of social media, but it is incredibly worrisome to see some of the things being said right now. The divisive rhetoric has pierced every avenue of discussion within our community, and it is not beneficial in any way.

Our community is struggling with small businesses closing, COVID-19, vacant commercial lots, lack of affordable housing, a toxic county government culture, and plenty of other issues. Now is a time more than ever that we need to be empathetic to others, listen, and take to heart the viewpoints of others.

Spewing biased “data” or name-calling isn’t likely to change the mind of anyone. In fact, it’s probably only going to cause them to dig in harder. We need some open and frank discussions about the future of our community. They will not be easy and there will be significant disagreement, but now is the time that we must realize that neither side has all the answers. Facebook is not the forum to have those discussions. We all must be open to change and willing to consider alternatives that will possibly make the lives of the residents of Los Alamos better.

Sitting back and stating party rhetoric won’t get it done anymore. Making blanket statements but not backing them up won’t get it done either. I want to start making things better here in our community. That doesn’t mean picking a party and running on that platform. That means taking the issues the people feel are important (regardless of party affiliation), evaluating the issue, open and public discussion with the community, and working towards a solution that will benefit the people. This is how I will cause a positive change in this community. Everyone wants to be heard and have a say in the direction of our community, and if elected I feel I can be that bridge over all the divisiveness. www.facebook.com/walker4cc


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