Letter To The Editor: Boy Scout Troop 22 Thanks Los Alamos Sportsmans Club

Troop Committee Chair
Los Alamos Boy Scout Troop 22

Los Alamos Boy Scout Troop 22 would like to thank the Los Alamos Sportsmans Club (LASC) for again hosting the Troop’s annual Turkey Roast earlier this month.

The Club not only provided excellent facilities for the event, but also provided safety and marksmanship instruction for the boys. The Club even donated practice ammunition and targets. The scouts had a great time,
finishing up their Shooting Merit Badges and learning about safety and responsibility.

The Club’s support for Cubs, Scouts in general and all the other local youth organizations is exceptional. The boys (and parents) learn about gun safety, responsibility, and that patience and some work bring good results.
They also have a great time in the process, and will never forget it. We are very lucky to have volunteer organizations in our town, such as the Sportsmans Club, that take the time and effort work with our children.

Again, thanks to LASC for all they do for our youth!