Letter to the Editor: Bowman Endorses Andrea Cunningham for Council

Former Los Alamos County Councilor

Dear Democrat Friends,

My friend Andrea Cunningham is running in the primary for election to the Los Alamos County Council and I am happy to endorse her. 

She has persisted for a long time in improving shopping opportunities in Los Alamos for everybody but especially for our younger families, and to make Los Alamos a great place to live in all other ways. She has recognized the possibility of keeping our schools among the best by working every angle of improving the funding, including the benefit to the schools through development of the Trinity Site. And although nobody can be expert on everything, she will make the effort to seek out informed advice from others without relying on Council members, County lawyers and the County administration. That’s true leadership.  

Andrea also recognizes the need for enhancing the economic base of the town by seeking new activity for both LANL and the business community. The need for community support for things new is especially important in view of the Congressional request that Energy Secretary Moniz establish a “Commission to Review the Effectiveness of the National Labs.” Members of the Commission were appointed earlier this week. The future of LANL may well evolve during her tenure on the Council. 

Although my husband Charlie and I are not able to spend as much time as we would like in Los Alamos right now, we will be back, and we hope that Andrea Cunningham will be on the Council leading toward the bright future we foresee for our town.




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