Letter to the Editor: Boot Camp a Valuable Experience

New Councilors attend County Governance Boot Camp from left, Steven Girrens, Pete Sheehey, Kirsten Henderson and Rick Reiss. Courtesy photo
By Steven Girrens
Los Alamos Councilor-Elect

This past week our newest Councilor Rick Reiss and Councilors-Elect Kristin Henderson, Pete Sheehey and myself spent two-and-a-half days at a County Governance Boot Camp in Albuquerque.

Though no physical training, close order drills or snap inspections were involved, we were indoctrinated to several aspects of county commissioner service including roles and responsibilities, ethics and professionalism, employment law, finance policy, jail management and liability, statutory government structure and legislative process.

We also heard from veteran commissioners conveying lessons learned and their insights relative to current issues state wide.

The Boot Camp was hosted by the New Mexico Association of Counties of which Los Alamos County is a member.

More than 100 elected officials and county managers were in attendance. I was particularly impressed by a few counties that had all standing and new commissioners as well as county managers attending the program as a team.

The presentations and experiences delivered were informative, eye-opening and in some cases a little sobering.

Regardless, I have confidence that my newbie colleagues and I remain enthusiastic to join our three veteran councilors and serve.

Our County Administrator encouraged we attend Boot Camp. Thank you Harry!


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