Letter to the Editor: Biodegradable Cat Litter Helps Environment in Several Ways

Los Alamos

While working with the Female Brainpower Initiative group (FBI) I have been approaching people in town to sign a petition to remove the single use grocery bags from our town. People who have cats have said, “I use them to put my cat litter in. What am I going to do?”

I’m a cat person and I was just as guilty. I had been using clay litter and tossing the litter into the single use plastic bags. First I thought, well I am re-using the single use grocery bags, isn’t that a good thing? And now I have used them twice, but am I really helping the environment?” I had to admit I wasn’t. My bags were going into the land fill and will be there forever. I needed to change my bad habits and change them now, and find a better way to help the environment.

I turned to the Internet and found that there are other litters that will do the same job as clay. I found six kinds that are environmentally safe and many of these were flushable. I also discovered there are merchants in town selling some of these products. I asked a longtime friend and cat person what she used. I decided to take her advice because she had tried many of them. I am now using “Feline Pine.” I started using this litter and am now turning my cat litter into mulch for my garden.

I went to Pet Pangaea and I was told to visit http://petpangaea.com/ and under Useful Links/Information, they have a helpful article about the different kinds of litter. They also have a biodegradable bag called “Poop” for dogs that would work for cats.

At Smith’s Food and Drug, I talked to one of the corporate people and asked him if he had any biodegradable bags for cat litter and they didn’t. I gave him a brand, “Litter Champ,” I found on the web and he said he would look into seeing if they could stock it.

Lastly, I love my cats but I don’t love what we’re doing to our planet. I am just one person and if I can make changes to my behavior, how many of the United State’s millions of cat owners can as well?