Letter To The Editor: Bill Hudson Makes Special Request

Los Alamos
The retired teachers of Los Alamos Schools had their annual NOT back to school breakfast last week.
Everybody was talking about Bill Hudson and writing notes to him … the guy who became such an Icon of Los Alamos.
After our breakfast I visited Bill Hudson and I am delighted to report that he is out of the hospital and at his home. He is telling jokes and laughing at other’s feeble attempts at jocularity. He is resting comfortably and his mind is sharp. He is living abundantly each day and he missed not being at the retired teachers’ breakfast. He is planning on attending the next one in August 2016! 
I promised him that I will pick him up and take him. With the candor which he and I shared for two score and three yearsI asked him about his dedication to the community of Los Alamos and if there is some unfinished projectthat I could help with. 
Bill asked me to write a letter to the editor and ask that the high school students pick up any trash on the grounds of Los Alamos High School.
I beg the faculty, staff and students and all the good people of Los Alamos to do that for “the Old Jock”, so that next year at the School Retirees’ Breakfast we can show Bill Los Alamos listens when Bill speaks!

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