Letter To The Editor: Ben-Naim Is Our Opportunity For Fresh, Community-minded Leadership On School Board

Former New Mexico Teacher of the Year
Los Alamos has an opportunity for fresh, community-minded leadership on the School Board. Ellen Ben-Naim will provide new insights and vigorous advocacy for teachers and students.
As a professional educator with an MA degree and enormous community experience, Ellen will provide leadership to improve mental health, increase teacher salaries and reduce oppressive teacher evaluation.
Ellen is an excellent people-connector and communicator. She will serve our community well.
Ellen supports mental health issues and is committed to enacting recommendations from the Mental Health Design Team Plan. These mental health issues, including stress and depression, affect our students and faculty. Ellen recognizes the need for more community awareness around these issues.
Ellen has a child attending Los Alamos High School. She understands the issues of today’s families, and she is committed to voicing these perspectives.
As a community oriented person, Ellen spent four years as the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board program coordinator. She has enthusiastically served on many LAPS committees including the School Budget Committee, School Bond Committee, District Parent Council, and GATE Advisory Committee.
Ellen fully supports our Teacher’s Union, and will advocate conscientiously to limit high stakes testing, increase teacher salaries and put an end to the oppressive teacher evaluation system that is currently being used.
Please join me to vote for Ellen Ben-Naim for School Board Feb. 7.