Letter To The Editor: Be A Courteous Pedestrian

Los Alamos

Thanks to John Pearson for pointing out in his Letter to the Editor, “Pedestrian Crossing Rudeness”, that there is a pedestrian crossing at Diamond and Sycamore.

I used to walk my dogs in that neighborhood and never knew that was a formal unmarked crosswalk. But then, I thought ALL intersections in New Mexico contained marked or unmarked crosswalks, not just the one at Diamond and Sycamore.

Besides trying to be a courteous pedestrian who wouldn’t dream of forcing local commuters driving on a major thoroughfare to stop for me, I also don’t trust New Mexico drivers (widely acknowledged as the nation’s 4th worst drivers!) and will always let them go first.

Crossing four lanes of traffic in front of New Mexican drivers requires a certain intestinal fortitude and I’m not in that much of a hurry, nor am I that brave!