Letter To The Editor: Bayo Canyon Bicycle Flow Trail

Los Alamos
I am a 47 year resident of Los Alamos and have enjoyed a multitude of recreational activities including tennis, skiing, volleyball, road-biking hiking and, most recently, horseback riding during that time. One of our town’s greatest resources is its recreational diversity.
I now face having to significantly curtail the activity, which I have waited a lifetime to do. My love for horses began on the day I was born. Not until age 68 did I get my own horse and begin riding. My greatest pleasure is to enjoy a trail ride free from the pressures that modern life presents.
I am now 76 years old and attend PROS Board Meetings to voice my concerns about the proposed bicycles only flow trail in Bayo Canyon. My lifelong dream may soon come to an end as my only access to beautiful Bayo Canyon and the trails beyond are threatened by the flow trail.
I will not endanger my life by riding my horse on an already challenging trail with silent and swift bicycles approaching me from above and behind. My horse’s instinct to avoid approaching danger is to flee. She is a prey animal (one hunted by predators) whose survival depends on flight. Her only option to avoid the “predator bicycles” will be to go over the edge of Bayo Canyon. I, as her rider, will go with her.
Horses cannot be trained out of this behavior. The survival instinct is too strong.
My days of riding in Bayo Canyon will end if the bicycles only flow trail comes to fruition. If I cannot access Bayo Canyon I will be unable to access any of the other trails in the backcountry. Bayo is my ONLY means of leaving North Mesa.
Finally—perhaps not known to all who enjoy this beautiful place. The Bayo Road (north side of the canyon) and the Lujan Road (south side) are on the National Register of Historic Sites. Homesteaders who lived on the Pajarito Plateau built the roads to allow access to the Espanola Valley. The Manhattan Project displaced the homesteaders and they deserve to be remembered. These incredible roads were built by hand and we now enjoy them as the Bayo Canyon trails.
To build a Disneyland roller coaster thrill ride through this historically significant area is to dishonor our history and those who sacrificed all in the Herculean effort to end WWII.
Please help save our beautiful Bayo Canyon. Let our County Councilors know that the proposed desecration of this area is unacceptable.

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