Letter To The Editor: Bags – To Choose Or Not…

Los Alamos 

Let’s see: we have cloth bags, we have plastic bags, we have paper bags, and we have boxes (Costco has always sent customers home with boxes that originally had the products shipped to Costco). 

That’s four choices. And people do choose: some use paper (arts and crafts projects), some use boxes (storage, etc), some use plastic (garbage and animal waste disposal, storage), some use cloth (particularly when you have enough paper, plastic and boxes to meet those needs), some use combinations of all of the above.

People are already choosing to use fewer plastic bags and they are choosing to be more mindful of how they dispose of the plastic bags they do need to use — and they will continue to do so.

So why do we need a ban? Why do we need coercive government intervention?

Or is all of this simply another case of zero-tolerance by people who have zero tolerance for anything and anyone who does not subscribe to a specific goal or belief system? 

I really would like to think the people of Los Alamos are better than that.


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