Letter To The Editor: Background Checks Needed For All Gun Sales

Los Alamos

I am writing because I support  requiring background checks for all gun sales. As a mom and member of Moms Demand Action, I know gun safety is good for kids and families.


Right now, the New Mexico legislature is considering bills that would expand criminal background checks for gun sales to include purchases from unlicensed sellers over the Internet and at gun shows. The background check bill would close the dangerous unlicensed sale loophole and make it harder for criminals to buy guns from strangers in unlicensed sales at gun shows.


Weak gun laws anywhere endanger people everywhere: in 2014 alone, 539 guns originally purchased in New Mexico were recovered by law enforcement at crime scenes in other states. Controlling for population, New Mexico’s crime gun export rate is 69 percent higher than the national average!


Call your State Representatives and Senators to tell them you support gun safety and expand background checks on guns sold in New Mexico!


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