Letter To The Editor: Attendance Urged For Community Meeting On Barranca Mesa School Construction

By Concerned Residents of Barranca Mesa

We would like to encourage Barranca Mesa residents to attend the upcoming Public Input on the New School Construction meeting at 5 p.m., March 22 at the Barranca Elementary School gymnasium.

One of the proposed options for rebuilding the school calls for reversing the current school entrance 180 degrees and creating a south-facing school entry. If this plan passes, there will be two additional school entrance/exits added to Barranca Mesa Road, and placed between the two Loma del Escolar (the C-shaped street, which borders the school to the north) and Barranca Mesa Road intersections.

We, the residents of Barranca Mesa, are concerned that these new entrances will create unnecessary traffic congestion, especially during commute hours.

Additionally, any residents, including senior citizens, who often walk along the school perimeter will be affected by this change, as the loop around the school will be interrupted by cars and school buses entering and exiting the newly added south-facing intersections.

Below are the proposed variations of the south-facing  Barranca Mesa School entrance. Please come to the meeting March 22 and voice your opinion on this big change facing our mesa.