Letter to the Editor: AT&T Service Not Available in Los Alamos But Sold Here Anyway

Los Alamos

AT&T Service Not Available in Los Alamos But Sold Here Anyway

There is no AT&T service available in Los Alamos, but that won’t stop them from selling you service. I found this out the hard way and wanted to prevent my fellow Los Alamos folks from falling into the same trap.

I had been with AT&T since moving here in 2008 so I thought nothing of upgrading to a 4G smartphone in October. At this time, I began to experience multiple problems with my phone. After repeated failed attempts at troubleshooting with customer service and technical support over the next two months, it was concluded that my phone would never work properly due to the lack of AT&T towers in Los Alamos. The closest places that would provide coverage were Española and Santa Fe.

Despite AT&T’s impotence at fulfilling their end of the contract, I was expected to keep my end. In my opinion, it is unacceptable to continue paying for service I am not being provided. There was no alternative but to terminate my service resulting in early termination fees.

This was in addition to off network data fees already charged as well as the purchase cost of the new phone, which is compatible only with AT&T. The Better Business Bureau has been unable to assist me thus far. The Santa Fe AT&T store manager, as well as the CEO of AT&T, have been unwilling to assist me.

Shame on businesses that are only concerned with a quick payoff via entrapment, rather than long term patronage of quality service. Consumer beware!