Letter to the Editor: Aspen Ridge a Great Place to Call Home


I think until you have lived or worked in an area for a while you cannot truly know the quality of what it has to offer. I have lived at Aspen Ridge Lodge in Los Alamos for eight months. In that entire time, I have experienced only wonderful care and observed great professionalism by all of their staff at all levels: management, dining staff, custodial staff, nursing and care staff, activities staff and transportation staff. I have never once observed or experienced the slightest bit of negative attitude, neglect, or mistreatment by any member of the staff toward anyone, regardless of how that person may behave.

In fact, the Aspen Ridge employees are among the most personable and professional people I have ever encountered, particularly in one fairly large establishment. I think whomever makes the hiring selections and provides staff oversight at Aspen Ridge Lodge has done an amazing job of finding and keeping this group of terrific employees.

Multiple times daily I encounter members of each group of employees listed above. They all greet me with warm smiles, call me by name, and ask about my needs. They frequently assist me with all sorts of tasks from bandaging my minor cuts, helping me on the van and lifting my walker into the van, fixing my oxygen canister, serving me special dietary cuisine and my preferred beverage, inviting me to and assisting me with activities, reading materials (I cannot see well on my own), delivering me to the door not only of the hospital but to the office of the doctor or lab if I need extra assistance with my walker or wheelchair and assisting me with equipment or furniture needs. The list could go on for many pages, as they have helped me with so much during the time I have lived there.

I feel we in Los Alamos and our loved ones are truly blessed to have such a wonderful assisted living community (because it is not just a building by any stretch of the imagination) like Aspen Ridge Lodge for citizens such as myself who need some additional care and assistance. The facility itself is quite excellent, too, I might add. But without the intelligent, caring and competent staff working there, it would be nothing.

I highly recommend Aspen Ridge Lodge and its staff to anyone who would like to find a warm, family-like living community in northern New Mexico. My family and I frequently give solicited and unsolicited recommendations about them.

Finally, I would suggest that anyone who truly wishes to obtain an UNBIASED opinion of the Lodge and its staff should spend some time there, talk with many of its residents, chat with the staff and tour its lovely facility. It is a wonderful community, and I am very fortunate to call Aspen Ridge Lodge my home.