Letter to the Editor: Ashley Pond Is Real Success Story

Los Alamos

On March 13, 2009, I wrote a letter to the Parks and Recreation Board members and the County Administrator about the sad state of Ashley Pond and what an eyesore it presented to the public.

Getting no response, I expressed my concern to the County Administrator and the County Counselors on April 13, 2009. Nona Bowman and Robert Gibson both immediately expressed support, and, along with many other unknown (to me) citizens, got the County moving on a plan to rescue Ashley Pond from its continuing deterioraton.

Once the County accepted the challenge, they did a wonderful job of restoring and enhancing this wonderful community treasure. Their planning, use of public input, and funding decisions culminated in what I consider a real success story for our downtown area, providing all a place of beauty, restfulness, and a venue for all sorts of community activities.

Everyone, counselors, County staff, and interested citizens, who had a part in this project deserve pats on their backs for a job well done.