Letter to the Editor: As This Week Begins…

Assistant Director Los Alamos Teen Center

As we begin this week please keep in mind those who have been working so closely with the youth and families impacted by Tyler’s death. We as a community need to take care of our caretakers. There is no way you can compensate someone enough for the heart rending task of comforting a teen who has just lost their best friend.

If you know one of the counselors, teachers, school administrators or volunteers who has been hands on with the teens take a moment to thank them. Or even better offer to babysit so they can take an evening with their spouse or debrief with a co-worker. Get them a gift certificate for a massage. Show up at their door with a casserole and a hug. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

And think today how you can add your voice to the chorus seeking answers for why our community is losing so many of its young people. Speak with your child. Talk to your neighbors and friends. Speak with your wallet as you prioritize your charitable giving this year. And share your concerns with your county counselors. They are good folks who love this community as much as anyone and welcome your input on solutions.

Our work as a community has only begun….