Letter To The Editor: Are You An Extremist?

Los Alamos

Are you an extremist?

An extremist is a member of an (extreme) organization who supports and advocates the beliefs and goals of an extreme organization. KKK is an organization which has been frequently held up as an example. However, a recent political flyer identified RTLNM (Right to Life New Mexico) as an extreme organization. So, if you are a pro-life member or supporter of RTLNM, are you an extremist?

Scientifically, human life begins at conception is not in dispute. Disagreement exists on whether an unborn child is a person. This disagreement requires more detailed discussion than space allotted for an opinion piece.

A key mission of RTLNM is to educate the public to respect and protect life “from conception to natural death.” A mission that I support not only as a member of RTLNM, but also as a member of the Catholic Church. So, call me an extremist.

This political flyer further stated that, “such extreme positions could turn rape and incest victims into criminals”. A very artful way to stretch the truth with the use of the word “could”. However, pro-life communities are the first in line to support these victims and not to profit from their tragedy, and their loving support continues even after abortion.

So, are you an extremist? Pro-life communities need to do a better job to counter faulty labeling and false perceptions.