Letter To The Editor: Antonio Jaurigue Is My Guy

Former School Board Member
District 2, 2012-2016

I started my service on the Los Alamos School Board in January of 2012. At that time, I did not know that the District Office had already decided on a plan for the future of Chamisa Elementary School. The plan was that when the doors closed at the end of the Spring semester, they would not open again as an elementary school that was under the jurisdiction of LAPS.

The students and community would be notified in the late July/early August time frame when the students would be told to report to Pinon school for classes.

My hard work “fighting for Chamisa”, along with the support of our community and Superintendent Kurt Steinhaus brought Chamisa School back from the brink of dissolution.

In general, I know how hard this job can be and I know what it takes to do this job to represent the Chamisa/Pinon community. I strongly believe Tony Jaurigue is the man for the job.

While on the School Board I served on construction oversight committees for the major reconstructions of the Middle School, Aspen School and the early stages of Barranca School. I know that the representatives for Aspen and Barranca schools worked very hard to ensure that their major reconstruction achieved everything they could possibly get for their respective schools. Chamisa and Pinon will soon undergo it’s (likely) only significant major reconstruction during the lifespan of that building. We need to have strong and passionate leadership that will help ensure this reconstruction provides everything that we need for the future of the school.

Antonio “Tony” Jaurigue is the man for the job. As a School Board member, school volunteer, robotics volunteer, I’ve had quite a few conversations with Tony over the years. I was absolutely ecstatic to see Tony’s announcement to run for the School Board.

My conversations with Tony have convinced me that he is an intelligent, thoughtful person who will represent our community well. He also knows that there are people who have different ideas than his and understands that those ideas also are quite relevant. Tony has also served his time “in the trenches” and he understands the needs of our school and community simply because that is his passion.

I personally pledge to give my continued support when he is elected as our District representative. I had very good mentoring by former and current School Board members as I took office and I think their guidance was certainly invaluable.

Please join me in eagerly voting for Tony Jaurigue.


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