Letter to the Editor: Another White Rock Resident Thoroughly Disgusted With Comcast Service

White Rock

Mr. Kyrala and Ms. Mylet:

Thank you for your thoughtful and very accurate letter regarding Comcast in White Rock. I, too, am a White Rock resident who is thoroughly disgusted with the service that Comcast has exhibited in the last few months.

I am toying with a decision to go back to CenturyLink, not particularly because I like their service, but rather because their service in the past has at least been consistent. They’re speed is terrible (5 megabits per second as opposed to 25 to 50 megabits per second for Comcast), but at least I can depend on having an Internet connection when I get home from work.

Unfortunately it sounds like CenturyLink has no plans to upgrade their service where I live in White Rock. I would go with any other vendor, but unfortunately I don’t have a choice in White Rock.