Letter To The Editor: An Inquiry Into The Future Of The Office Of Sheriff

Los Alamos


Now that the ugly smear campaign against the Office of Sheriff and our fantastic Sheriff Marco Lucero is over, will the Los Alamos County Council restore the duties to the Office that we elected Sheriff Lucero to perform?


A number of duties were assigned to the Office at the time of Sheriff Lucero’s election. The majority of these duties have since been transferred to the Police Department for reasons that the Council hasn’t made clear. Now that we again have an answer to whether Los Alamos wants a Sheriff (and the people responded “yes, we want a Sheriff” again, despite questionable ballot wording) will the Council be returning those duties back to the Office of Sheriff? We elected him to perform those functions. It’s only right that the Council admits their mistake and transfers those functions back to the Office of Sheriff.


If there’s still a question about “duplication of duties”, the County Council should create an amendment to the County Charter that specifically calls for a “shared responsibility” of these duties between the Police Department and the Office of Sheriff. Put that on the ballot and see what happens. That way, the Charter is happy and the Police Department and the Sheriff get to work together. Happily ever after. It’s a perfect solution: everybody’s happy!


What say you, County Council? Can we cease and desist with the personal attacks against Sheriff Lucero? Can we restore functionality to the Office of Sheriff? Can we stop creating additional animosity between the Police Department and the Office of Sheriff that didn’t exist prior to this series of unfortunate events?


I want my voice in law enforcement restored. Bring back my fully functional Sheriff.