Letter To The Editor: Already Missing Reel Deal

Maureen Lunn
Los Alamos

I want to echo others in saying that we will deeply miss the Reel Deal theater, not only for having a fun movie-going experience in Los Alamos, but for the kindness and happiness that the staff and space brought.

From the butterfly carpet to the tie-dyed beanie baby on the ticket stand to the zany local pre-movie commercials and more, the space was so sweet, and the staff was always so welcoming.

I live 2 blocks away from the theater, and my husband and I made a habit of going to movies just because we could, often going to see films we didn’t even care about just for the fun of it (and for the popcorn, of course)!

We loved the annual winter film festival, which had become a tradition, and made a point to see every Marvel movie there at least twice.

My experience of living in Los Alamos will not be the same without our sweet small town movie spot.

Thanks to the owners and staff for all your hard work in keeping it going all these years, you will truly be missed.


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