Letter To The Editor: Actions Reflect Negative Bias Against Sheriff

Los Alamos
Members of the Council:
I am both dismayed and disappointed that my elected servants are conducting themselves in such an unprofessional manner with regard to our Sheriff. You can attempt to camouflage your actions in the verbiage of public safety and fiscal responsibility but, it is obvious to us that your actions reflect a negative bias against the Sheriff and the people who elected him.
As politicians you should realize that Los Alamos has twice decided that we require a more professional and responsive Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Lucero has worked diligently to provide such services to this community and you continue to obstruct his efforts at every turn.
The Sheriffs Office is the only county office that does not have its own vehicle. You denied Sheriff Lucero’s request yet again in this latest budget cycle and then turned around and squandered $129,000 for a crane statue for the library.  This frivolous expenditure, in light of your refusal to fund the needs of the legitimate offices of government, was a good indicator of the Council’s motives.
Subsequent to your decision the Sheriff used his initiative to procure a vehicle at no cost to the taxpayers. This is an action you should applaud if you have the best interests of the community in mind. Yet your reaction to his efforts is to further obstruct him. It is now obvious to many of us in the electorate that you are abusing the authority we have loaned to you.
The Sheriff is empowered by the voters of Los Alamos and state law spells out his duties. Your attempts to control an autonomous elected official are inappropriate and are being watched closely by the voters. 

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