Letter To The Editor: About The Council And Our Sheriff

Los Alamos

To the community of Los Alamos,

The Los Alamos County Council has written a resolution to prevent the Sheriff from doing his job as prescribed by state law. As everyone should know, state laws trump county ordinances. 

The people of this community should also know that an elected sheriff derives his authority directly from the people, which is why he outranks all other law officers in his jurisdiction.

The Sheriff’s Office has authorities that the county police department does not have. Because of this fact it is in the best interest of the people of this community to maintain the office of sheriff. We have some devious people on the county council who want to take that representation away from us.

The names of those county council members voting to strip authority from, and eventually abolish, the office are on the record. George Chandler, who is a primary ramrod attempting to abolish the office of sheriff, has a sympathetic wife who is now running for a county council position. People who attempt to empower themselves by stealing the legitimate power from another elected official cannot be trusted to hold office.

The Los Alamos County Sheriff has over 25 years of law enforcement experience and LASO deputies have extensive law enforcement and or military service or both. The county council members have no qualifications or authority to undermine our sheriff’s office. They fear the people having direct access to such a powerful position and that is why our council must be stopped in this effort to defy the citizens of Los Alamos County.   


Matt Wolk