Letter To The Editor: About That Support For Background Checks…

Los Alamos
I’m sure Devon Lymon would have respected a background check law despite all the other laws he had broken up to that point. Yup, one more law would have made all the difference to poor Daniel Webster.

I can imagine Devon having a little mental conversation with himself when he obtained that gun, “Oh! wait a minute, I can’t posses guns, I’m a felon!”, and poof, another possible criminal activity is thwarted by yet another rock solid gun law. 

Yup, we ought to throw up five or six more unenforceable gun laws, they’re working great.

Doctors are a lot more dangerous than guns are. Maybe we ought to consider making patients pass a background check before seeing a doctor. That makes as much sense as HB50.

Duh: please defeat this lame attack on my constitutional rights.


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