Letter To The Editor: About That ‘Freedom Of Press’

Los Alamos

In reference to a recent letter to the editor in the Los Alamos Daily Post about “Freedom Of The Press” … there are a few problems with this concept lately.

I’m all for the First Amendment and all it stands for unfortunately today’s media outlets have proven time and time again that they are extremely biased in their reporting. This applies to all the major news networks, especially CNN, as well as the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and the rest. Even our own Albuquerque Journal and Los Alamos Monitor are guilty of this biased reporting in their stories and editorials.

All the television news outlets have been caught many many times of promoting “Fake News” and some having to retract their statements later. They publish false and misleading reports using anonymous sources. Unfortunately, they have not learned anything and continue to air more garbage to try to make something stick. They have all made it very obvious that they didn’t like their candidate losing to Donald Trump and will continue to use smear tactics against him and all his Cabinet Picks. There are those who will persist in perpetuating these unsupported allegations as it just doesn’t help advance their narrative.

No one can trust CNN or the mainstream media anymore. They are so hell-bent on destroying Trump, they will ruin their reputation trying to make him look bad. This will probably continue for months or maybe even years until they realize by their ratings that their viewers are getting sick and tired of watching, or listening, to their liberal left propaganda. CNN is the worst and still doesn’t get it. Even Russian officials are accusing them of being fake news and the people at CNN scratch their heads wondering why no one takes them seriously.

The Albuquerque Journal and the Los Alamos Monitor are just as bad. They have proven their bias by not willing to publish Opinions, Comments, or Letters To The Editor, unless it fits within their narrative and doesn’t point out errors in their reporting by someone stating facts that contradict the Editor’s, and/or Reporter’s, personal biases.

The people are no longer in “power” because their minds are being brainwashed by the media and can no longer think for themselves. They are no longer willing to question these so called “facts” by doing the research to verify that what they saw or heard was actually correct. This country is becoming a population of sheep and would leap off a cliff if the media told them that was the thing to do. Being a “Journalist” is no longer the honored profession it once was and until they go back to reporting the actual news it never will be.

Until all these news outlets accept the fact that their candidate lost and Donald trump is our president they will continue to lose more and more viewers, listeners, and subscribers, until they go back to being legitimate news organizations.

They need to report the news, not be the news.