Letter To The Editor: About Representative Government

Los Alamos

Daren Savage, in a letter to the Los Alamos Daily Post, is correct in stating that our government is a “Constitutional Republic”.

Within this system, representatives are, however, elected by a majority of voters through a democratic process. Within the bounds of the pertinent constitution or charter, it is to be expected by the voters that those representatives actually represent those who elected them.

It is not clear where not banning plastic bags imposes a restriction of the inalienable right of those who wish to use their own bags to do so. Such a ban, however, would impose restrictions on the right of businesses to conduct their business as they see fit within the laws of the county. It also imposes on the right of those who do not wish to carry a tote around all of the time, in case they wish, on the spur of the moment, to visit a business and actually purchase something and then have to purchase a bag/tote/container in order to carry that purchase out of the store.

Is Savage implying that a “bag ban” is “required” by our county charter. Or, is he just nit-picking about the wording that I chose (I used lower case democracy in my letter) to imply the process in which each of our Councilors is elected by a majority of all voters in the county, not just a select few or even a territorial fraction (there is no division or gerrymandering of our county), and, therefore, unless required by law/charter to act otherwise, should, in fact, be representing that majority?


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