Letter To The Editor: About Pearce And Apodaca

White Rock

In a local newspaper, Mr. Dick Foster used one of Joseph Goebbels better propaganda ploys to slam Rep. Steve Pearce.

The declarative statement that has no supporting data. If one repeats it often enough it becomes truth. I expect more. He stated that Steve Pearce has the worst voting record in the whole Congress. Obviously, an untruth.

The recent article by former Gov. Jerry Apodaca endorsed Steve. Jerry would have known him as a state legislator as well as a congressman. Both men have extensive experience in state government. I have been friends with both and respect their integrity. Jerry has been one of our better governors in whose tenure we reorganized state government to give a more workable organization. I was in the House of Representatives at the time and worked with Jerry. Both political parties came together on Gov. Apodaca’s plan. As did Steve Pearce.

Steve’s attention to the job of congressman is he did his homework with constituent service. In 2013 I was in need of an aortic heart valve replacement and had completed all the necessary pre-surgery tests, but the FDA had not yet approved the valve that I needed. One of the physicians suggested I might use my influence with the congressmen. I wrote to all three of our representatives and two weeks later I received a letter from Steve saying he had made contact with the FDA and requested the necessary action. Two weeks later I was contacted to prepare to receive the surgical procedure. I was not the only one in line for the valve.

I never heard from Rep. Lujan Grisham and Rep. Lujan waited several months to respond. I had addressed the letter as a veteran and Steve, who is also a veteran thanked me for my service. From the others, nada.

As a long time active office holder, both elected and appointed I have great admiration both for Steve Pearce and Jerry Apodaca.


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