Letter to the Editor: About Coach Bob Geyer


Sorry for joining the conversation so late. I live in the Jemez now and I don’t have any kids in the Los Alamos school system, so I don’t hear about some things, till later.

I’ve know Bob Geyer for 20 years or so and have coached with him several times. If I had a child participating in sport in Los Alamos, I would be thrilled if Bob was her/his coach.

I coached youth sports in Los Alamos for 17 years, mostly football but also baseball and soccer. I also work for 10 years with BSA Explorers (14-18 year old Boy Scouts). My Wife and I raised six kids of our own in Los Alamos. I can speak from experience when it comes to sports and youth in Los Alamos.

When you are working with youth, every one of them is a little bit different. What motivates one may completely dishearten another. The vocabulary, volume and tone of voice may need to change, even with the same kid, depending on the situation. The vocabulary, volume and tone would often offend the parents of the kid, but maybe appropriate coming from a coach, at practice.

I can’t judge what may or may not have happened during wrestling practice, because I wasn’t there. I do know Coach Geyer has had a positive effect on the LAHS wrestling program, take a look at the increase in participation since he started coaching. I know he has a positive impact on many Los Alamos youth, watch how many alumni track him down at football and basketball games to shake hands.


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