Letter to the Editor: A Tribute To Sheldon Kalberg


Moving to Los Alamos, New Mexico from Salem, Ohio created a deep sadness and fear in me back in August of 1968. Aching and unsure of myself, I signed up for Girl’s Glee Club because that’s what I did:  I sang.

Sheldon Kalberg became my sunshine.  He gave me wings so I could fly. He was an oasis in that teen-aged desert. Singing for him healed my heart. He directed with a profound understanding of the music, the words, and the individuals in his choirs. I learned not only how to sing better, but also how to perform better and, most importantly, how to BE the music.

Over the years I have enjoyed singing in college and various groups because that’s what I do: I sing. And Sheldon Kalberg is in my mind and in my heart with every note.

Wendy, Kirsten and Lisa; thank you for sharing your soul-mate, your Dad, with so many of us. I am sorry he was taken so soon. He was bigger than life and he saved mine. Sheldon Kalberg made the whole world sing and I loved him.

Editor’s note: Sheldon Kalberg died Nov. 5, 2014. His lifelong musical career began in Los Alamos, where he was the beloved high school choral director for almost two decades. A Memorial service for him is at 1 p.m., today at First Presbyterian Church, 215 Locust Street NE in Albuquerque.


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