Letter to the Editor: A Step In The Right Direction!

KayLinda Crawford
Los Alamos

Thank you Councilors for recently passing the new property maintenance standards for Los Alamos! As a new resident who moved to Los Alamos from Austin, Texas about 18-months ago, I feel new property maintenance standards are badly needed and your passage of this measure is a first step in the right direction for this community.

I appreciated how Council Vice-Chair Kristin Henderson stepped up and explained in plain English why the measure is good for Los Alamos. I agree with her that improving our personal properties in Los Alamos is a step in the right direction toward positive economic development. I also agree that while the new property maintenance standards document isn’t perfect, it’s a great place to start. 

I appreciated how Council Chair Geoff Rodgers also supported the measure by explaining that while many aspects of a community’s appearance may be subjective, it isn’t a subjective issue when property values drop. 

I know many Los Alamos residents were opposed to the new standards. While I may not agree with every decision this Council makes, I find them to be a group of very hard-working rational folks who live here with us and only want what’s best for Los Alamos. Let’s give them a chance to put the new standards in place, to find the middle ground on the issues, to continue listening to citizen input and to make adjustments as necessary.

Like Councilor David Izraelevitz said, “…what government is about is finding the middle ground between unfettered individual rights and community rights. And this is basically what we’re talking about…”

Thank you Councilors for taking this step for Los Alamos!