Letter To The Editor: ‘A New Harvest’

Los Alamos
This week, I enjoyed falling asleep to the sound of rainfall outside my window. It was my surprise this morning to wake up and have rain continuing to fall.
As I drove to work, I took notice of how much rain water was flowing off houses, businesses, and county buildings.
Realizing that the water flowing off these structures is only destined to travel to a storm drain and out into a canyon, I thought to myself, “Why don’t we utilize more rain water harvesting here in Los Alamos?”
A quick search on the Internet produced hundreds of ways to collect, store and utilize harvested rain water. These options ranged from rain barrels (which we all know of), to a rain collecting walls, and even a mesh system that collects dew. We are also lucky to live in a state that not only allows rain water harvesting, but also encourages its practice. To me, the idea is similar to budgeting. In times of plenty, you set aside extra for those times of less.
In essence, Los Alamos County and its citizens should be encouraged to create a Water Savings Account. It would be my recommendation that the county and its various boards investigate the potential for the not only the county, but citizens and businesses to begin utilizing rain water harvesting techniques.
It might seem like a pie in the sky, but I believe that Los Alamos’s talents and climate allows it to become a perfect proving ground for this effort. I believe that by utilizing technologies that already exist, and using the assets Los Alamos has at its disposal (including LANL) to research new techniques, Los Alamos could become the premier center for harvesting technology.
If you would like, here are just a few of the websites that I found information about rain water harvesting:

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