Letter To The Editor: A Local Police Officer’s Kindness

Los Alamos
After (the Los Alamos High School) graduation Saturday, I was eyeing the steel stairs going up to the bridge and down the stairs over Diamond Drive when a young police officer spied me and said to me and a family of four that he would be happy to escort us straight across the street.
He did just that.
His hand went out and the traffic ceased on one side. When we reached the median, he again put out that mighty hand and all the cars stopped as we completed our short  journey across Diamond.
I felt like the mother duckling in Robert McCloskey’s children’s book, Make Way for Ducklings!
In addition and more importantly, I felt proud of our wonderful police force who care so much about us. How fortunate we are in Los Alamos. I hope the officer who took the time to help me sees this.

Karyl Ann Armbruster