Letter To The Editor: A Few Questions For Chandler

Los Alamos
I’d like to ask Mr. Chandler a few questions. From the tone of your letters why do you engage in hyperbole instead of facts? You are after all a lawyer and have filed several lawsuits seeking to hold the council and citizens alike to the strict letter of the law. I’d like to know what area of law you specialize in because you seem to ignore constitutional law and charter law. Don’t lawyers usually research or at least have their paralegals research thoroughly before writing arguments? You seem oblivious to any of Los Alamos’ history.
If you file a lawsuit against the council over a simple question put to the citizens as a whole, why did you not file a lawsuit over the blatantly illegal resolution 16-10? I didn’t because I was stuck at the Houston VA suffering serious leg infections and worried I was going to lose both legs. (Just in case you were wondering). If I was here I would have filed suit so fast we’d have had our first tornado from all the heads spinning. And I didn’t find out the Sheriff had been stripped of power until the recent news stories or I’d have filed suit when I got back in November. (Hard to get online to keep up on news from a hospital bed with no wi-fi.)
You mention fiduciary responsibility. Isn’t the council’s first fiduciary responsibility to follow the charter and the law?
Mr. Chandler please answer these questions so we all know why you’re so picky about the law when it doesn’t involve the Sheriff, but are just plain afraid of having an independent Sheriff who can’t be controlled, like the police, by the county. Oh and did you check out the links in my last letter?

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