Letter To The Editor: A Fact Is A Fact And An ‘Alternative Fact’ Is At Least A Misrepresentation…

Los Alamos
Mr. Visel, (letter)

Should I then assume that you gave no credibility to WikiLeaks with regard to all the supposed leaks of the DNC hacked emails? After all, they won’t acknowledge who the “leaker” was although the director of the FBI has now stated the Russians used them to leak the information.

So far as whether the Main Stream Media is biased, you can believe as you so choose, but how is it that you think not only the US media but the INTERNATIONAL media is also biased? Isn’t it also strange that you list all the biased news networks (in your opinion) but not a single unbiased one. Let me guess — Fox News, Breitbart News and anything said on Twitter by the President or his aides?

Much of what has been reported and called “fake news” are direct quotes on audio/video or Twitter screen grabs of Mr. Trump and his aids. How can it be “fake news” when it’s his own words? The other now common phrase is “alternative facts”. I hate to tell you this, but a fact is a fact and and an “alternative fact” is at least a misrepresentation and frequently an outright lie.

If I understand your complaint, if Mr. Trump said “The sky is orange” and it was either recorded or he tweeted it from his account and the media reported “Mr. Trump states the sky is orange”, you wouldn’t have an issue with Mr. Trump for what he said but with the media for reporting what he said. I guess I don’t get the logic of such things.

Isn’t it strange that every major media outlet EXCEPT Fox News had a headline that said Mr. Trump and Russian influence of our election, a violation of our Constitution, is being investigated yet Fox News chose to run a headline complaining about the leaks of classified information to the media? BTW: How can they be leaks to the media if it’s “fake news”?

So far as the media having to retract statements, you mean like Mr. Flynn and Mr. Manafort had to do after it was conclusively proven they had Russian ties? You mean like Mr. Sessions tried to weasel out of by saying he met with them in the course of being a Congressman (something no other Congressman seems to have ever needed to do) after it was proven that he met with Russians on multiple occasions?
Just to be clear, I have no issue with anyone who voted for their choice for the US President — that’s why we vote — but don’t try and blame things that have been proven to be true on a biased media.