Letter To The Editor: A Breath Of Fresh Air, Justice Judy Nakamura For New Mexico Supreme Court

Los Alamos

Some things that have been around for about 40 years are musty or crusty and need to be aired out. They still need just a freshening of good fresh air.

The New Mexico Supreme Court has been completely packed with Democratic Party judges since 1980. One philosophy of government and that is probably not the best thing for the people of New Mexico.

Recently there has been that breath of fresh air in the person of Justice Judith Nakamura, a Republican. She was appointed by Gov. Susana Martinez to fill the vacancy left by Judge Bratton. Judith (*Judy) Nakamura is no stranger to the New Mexico bench.

I have known Judy for over 30 years, first as a young lawyer who was an energetic volunteer working to elect candidates to office. She was active in civic affairs and did more than was asked of her.

Judy has been in a private practice of law and she has also served as a court administrator. She was chief judge in the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court plus as a district judge in the Second Judicial District.

Judy is a thoughtful and strict interpreter of the law. She understands that the courts are not there to make law but to be a fair and strict interpreter. In this vein she has received several honors on the national and state level. All of her peers give her high marks as an excellent judge, fair and strict.

We need this breath of fresh air in our highest court. All Democrats and Independents as well as Republicans need to consider a way to diversify the court with a viewpoint of bringing a new and fair judge to an old court

We need to keep Justice Judy.