Letter To The Editor: A Better Way For LA Responds To 2017 Recreation Bond Election Results

By A Better Way For LA

Lisa Shin, President
Lisa Brenner, Vice-President 
Patrick Brenner, Treasurer

The results of the Rec Bond vote speak to a community, which is both eager to invest in itself and concerned about its economic future. We understand the disappointment of the advocates for the Rec Bond. We applaud and commend their many hours spent on this project. We are grateful for their vibrant participation in the democratic process.

Now, we must work together to achieve a fiscally responsible and mutually beneficial end goal. It is imperative that together, we call on our County Council to officially earmark the $13.4 million of existing CIP funds as a solvent and constructive tool to be used for the community’s progress. We believe that these funds should be used to improve existing facilities, such as the golf course and softball fields, as well as other recreational projects, which do not incur new, excessive and perpetual operations and maintenance losses.

We believe that the spirit of the original five projects can be fulfilled with amortized investments into existing infrastructure without suffering the loss of interest payments. We strongly urge the Council to closely follow LANL’s contract status to avoid engaging in capital projects beyond our means. We must look at this from a fiscally responsible perspective and move forward to the betterment of Los Alamos.

A Better Way For LA will continue as a political action committee, which aims to keep our local government accountable to and fiscally responsible for its citizens. We will be an issue-driven organization. We welcome those from across the political spectrum, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Independents, to fight with us on specific ballot initiatives and legislation.

We especially want to thank our supporters for their kind words of encouragement, contributions and hard work.