Letter To The Editor: A Better Health Care Payment System


It’s strange that a five second sound bite, “I will kill Obamacare” can drive national policies. Finally President Trump admits, “health care is complicated”. So GOP members contort themselves to make magic happen, so far unsuccessfully. They dispute the CBO’s numbers because they’re not happily magical.

Why doesn’t the public have whatever health plan Congress has? If it’s good enough for Congress we in the public could live with it.

In 2010 T.R. Reid wrote a best seller called “The Healing of America”, one would expect that members of Congress or their staffs had read the book. Reid experiences health services around the world and makes a good case for systems broadly of a “Single Payer” type. Collectively they have better health outcomes at lower per capita costs than our often contorted amalgamation of insurance payment and service provider entities.

Oh well, as long as ideology dominates common sense and probity Congress and the mercurial Donald must do their thing. It’s a shame that the public and our political leaders appear to be growing more and more estranged. Maybe the insurance company lobbyists have something to do with that … Nah, no way.