Letter To The Editor: 100 Percent Behind Ellen Ben-Naim For School Board

By The Rittner Family
Los Alamos

We are writing to express our enthusiastic support for Ellen Ben-Naim to be a member of the Los Alamos School Board. Presently, we have two children in the Los Alamos Public School system. It has been our privilege to know and work with Ellen Ben-Naim for 16 years.


Ellen has a Master’s Degree in an education-related field, and has been actively involved in the Los Alamos Public Schools for many years. This has included participation in the Budget, Homework, and Advisory Committees, and Parent Council. Her work on these committees and others have had a positive influence on teachers, students, and parents alike.


She has demonstrated her commitment to issues involving the safety and mental health of our children. Ellen’s work on the Mental Health Design Team is invaluable to our school district. As a member of the Los Alamos School Board, Ellen will continue to work on, “addressing stress, depression and suicidality amongst our youth”.


Ellen is extremely supportive of teachers and their needs, and emphasizes the need for a positive work environment. She will advocate for a fair and just teacher evaluation system. Ellen is also aware of the budget constraints on education, and has expressed a strong desire to work with the county, government, and private agencies to increase resources.


Ellen Ben-Naim is the right person for the job. We are supporting her, and we urge you to do the same.