Leadership Los Alamos Profile: Troy Hughes

Leadership Los Alamos 2015-16 graduate and Los Alamos Fire Chief Troy Hughes. Photo by Marth Katko

LLA News:

Enrollment is open through June 25 for the Leadership Los Alamos Class of 2017 and everyone is welcome to apply.

Between now and then, the Los Alamos Daily Post is publishing a series of Q&A profiles on recent LLA graduates who talk about their experience in the program.

Leadership Los Alamos is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3), tax exempt organization founded to identify current and emerging leaders in the Los Alamos community, enhance their leadership skills, and deepen their knowledge of the challenges and opportunities facing our area.

In the Leadership Los Alamos program, participants learn as much about themselves as they do about leadership, teamwork and the community. To learn more, visit About Leadership Los Alamos and Applying to the Program.

Leadership Los Alamos 2016 graduate Troy Hughes. Photo by Marth Katko

The Leadership Los Alamos profile series continues with 2016 graduate and Los Alamos Fire Chief Troy Hughes: 

LLA: How many years have you lived and/or worked in Los Alamos? 

Hughes: I have lived in Los Alamos for 4.5 years.

LLA: Why did you enroll in Leadership Los Alamos?  

Hughes: I wanted to expand my local knowledge of Los Alamos and establish connections to LA residents outside of those I meet in my day to day work as the Fire Chief.

LLA: What was your biggest “take-away” from the class?

Hughes: The biggest take-away for me is the need to be a lifelong learner. I have had the opportunity to participate in several similar programs, but continue to learn new things in each and every one that I attend. Some of the things I learned 20 years ago still apply today, but some of what I learned years ago does not apply in today’s world. Our world and how we work in it is constantly evolving and we need to continue to evolve in order to lead. The only way to successfully evolve is to learn.

LLA: What are you doing with what your learned?

Hughes: I would like to think I am changing the world for the better with what I have learned. In a sense I am slowly doing that by sharing my knowledge and experiences with those I am tasked to lead. I don’t expect those I lead to be duplicates of me, I do expect them to learn from my advice and experience and make decisions that are sound and work to make their world a better place to live.