Leadership Los Alamos Profile: LeAnne Parsons

2015-16 Leadership Los Alamos graduate LeAnne Parsons during a confidence building exercise. Photo by Martha Katko

LLA News:

Enrollment is open through June 25 for the Leadership Los Alamos Class of 2017 and everyone is welcome to apply.

Between now and then, the Los Alamos Daily Post is publishing a series of Q&A profiles on recent LLA graduates who talk about their experience in the program.

Leadership Los Alamos is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3), tax exempt organization founded to identify current and emerging leaders in the Los Alamos community, enhance their leadership skills, and deepen their knowledge of the challenges and opportunities facing our area.

In the Leadership Los Alamos program, participants learn as much about themselves as they do about leadership, teamwork and the community. To learn more, visit About Leadership Los Alamos and Applying to the Program.

2015-16 Leadership Los Alamos graduate LeAnne Parsons during a confidence building exercise. Photo by Martha Katko

The Leadership Los Alamos profile series continues with 2016 graduate and The Walk Your Talk Coach™ at Legacy Now Lived™ LeAnne Parsons:

LLA: How many years have you lived and/or worked in Los Alamos?

Parsons: This month marks the 10 year anniversary of the day my husband and I moved our family to Los Alamos from Loveland, Colo. We came here to support the Lab, we live here because of community! I began my Life/Leadership and Core Wellbeing Coaching practice here in 2013. I am so incredibly blessed to serve Los Alamos and beyond as your local professional coach.

LLA: Why did you enroll in Leadership Los Alamos?

Parsons: I enrolled In Leadership Los Alamos as an answer to the commitment I had made to whole-heartedly invest in the wellbeing of this amazing community. LLA is a program that provides a meta-view of this unique community and all that it has to offer to its citizens. I had a strong desire to educate myself, connect with other leaders and discover all things Los Alamos. LLA was a great next step on my learning journey.

LLA: What was your biggest “take-away” from the class?

Parsons: Linking arms with like-minded individuals, who desire to see Los Alamos and our neighbors thrive, continues to inspire me everyday. The relationships we build, the common goals we hold, and the joy of walking in community with each other allows us the opportunity to learn daily from our neighbors. There are so many of us that share the vision to make Los Alamos great! In every session, I was personally encouraged and challenged to learn more, give more and serve more. The desire to expand my awareness of what makes Los Alamos such an amazing place to live, work and play, was honored. I have always known and spoke the words that “there is so much more to this community than “The Lab”, I have now experienced that truth in a real and tangible way.

LLA: What are you doing with what your learned?

Parsons: Keeping in step with my belief that fun should always be a part of learning, I am passing on my passion and purpose to the youth of our community as a chairperson for the first ever Rotary Interact Club of Los Alamos. In addition, I will continue to develop and share the legacy piece of my life; “We can do so much more together than we could ever do alone”.